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Member Benefits

Phi Beta is a vibrant network of professional and student artists throughout the US, and being part of our fraternity provides members with a unique bond that is shared by all. But that’s not all! There are many benefits to joining Phi Beta.


All Phi Beta members share a ritual and similar ideals. They support each other artistically and join together in service. Phi Betas have a common bond regardless of age, gender or location.

Professional Development

Phi Beta is a professional fraternity. One of the main aims of our organization is to promote the best in the creative arts and to develop each member both as a person and as an artist.

Interdisciplinary Arts

Phi Beta is the oldest national, Greek-letter organization to unite and promote all art forms. We embrace drama, music, visual art, dance, writing, speech, and their related histories and therapies.

Service Opportunities

One of the tenants of Phi Beta’s creed is to “live a life of service”. We believe in giving back and offer opportunities both nationally and on the local level to serve your community.

Leadership Development

Being part of a Greek letter organization provides many opportunities to develop your leadership skills. You will learn the basics of meetings. You will have a chance to hold a variety of leadership positions. You will learn how to organize events.

Active Alumni Chapters

Phi Beta has a strong network of alumni chapters. These groups meet several times throughout the year and provide their members with a continued collaborative/community environment, opportunities for service, and professional development throughout their careers.

High Academic Standards

Phi Beta requires its members to maintain high academic standards. We emphasize scholastic excellence during our students’ academic careers.

Collegiate Scholarships

Collegiate students are eligible for scholarships based on their academic accomplishments and artistic talent.

Alumni Grants

Phi Beta awards alumni grants annually. These grants are designed to further our alumni’s professional careers.