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Phi Beta is the oldest multi-discipline arts fraternity in the US!

Phi Beta is a national professional fraternal organization dedicated to promoting the best in the creative and performing arts, developing the highest level of humanity through service. Phi Beta is set apart from all other professional organizations because it encompasses all art forms, their histories, and therapies. We broaden the horizons of our members and their artistic expression through collegiate and alumni experiences.

Why should I join?
Phi Beta offers an engaging membership which allows you to explore your artistic vision, as well as grow personally and professionally through rich group interactions!
What’s the story?
Phi Beta has quite the story! With our unique organization's influence spanning a century: we have lots to share from our past and so much more to give for the future.
Where is Phi Beta?
With members across the country and chapters throughout the northern midwest, there's a lot of ground to cover and plenty of opportunities for you to be involved!

Phi Beta is composed of such an incredibly diverse group of talented artists; we’re home to a family of amazing and creative people! If you’re wondering whether this is the place to be: it is. Phi Beta is where the arts thrive!