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Breaking News: Artist Relief Grant!

Phi Beta Fraternity Artist Relief Grant!

Open to members and non-members

Phi Beta Fraternity is proud to announce our new Artist Relief Grant. This grant is created to help artists who are struggling to pay their bills to get through this difficult time and to provide some relief for artists. Our fraternity defines “artist” as a person who demonstrates professional excellence in the creative & performing arts.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, artists have been particularly impacted; either by loss of sales; canceled gigs and shows; non-access to universities and schools prevent artist educators from private lessons; closed churches, performance venues, and other alterations in their lives. The result is many artists are struggling to pay bills for the basics: rent, groceries, or utilities.

As Phi Beta artists, our desire to assist was recognized and action was taken; we created the Phi Beta Artist Relief Grant through donations from our members. For more information, please email [email protected].

Thank you for helping us help others:

  • Pi Alpha Theta chapter of Phi Beta Fraternity in memory of Bernice DuLong
  • Pi Alpha Mu chapter’s Scholarship Fund of Phi Beta Fraternity
  • Bob Allen
  • Sarah Whelan Blake
  • Amy Bliss
  • Sharon Downing
  • Nancy Horwitz
  • Holly Schwein
  • Jane Green Wenstrup
  • Elaine Eckstein Wilson in memory of Patricia Jones & Jack Williams, Pi Alpha Mu members
  • Jessica Schollenberger

Download the application form here: Phi Beta Artist Relief Grant.

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